Identity + Print + Illustration
The Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation launched a mass public art exhibition in January 2018 as part of its major campaign to raise awareness of children’s mental health.  The campaign saw a huge pod of wildly colourful dolphin sculptures painted by local artists ‘swim’ into Perth’s streets, parks and public spaces. 
Rich brand architecture
Drawing inspiration from Perth's iconic landscapes, paint and water, I created one master illustration that was used on all branding and communication materials. The brand included the logotype, a vivid colour palette, playful typography and fun geometric patterns and shapes.
The Big Splash WA Education Resource Kits
The kits I designed were a project by Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation in collaboration with Perth Children’s Hospital mental health experts and education specialists.  The 5 kits, gave schools a positive tool to engage teachers, students and parents in conversations about mental health and well-being. 
Ziggy Starfin - the Dolphin
What better way to get involved in the campaign but to paint a dolphin!!! 
Inspired by the late David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust, I helped create our own version using 
Anthologie's brand icon (the triangle) and neon colour palette. Donating a few weekends, 
I proudly supported the cause of raising awareness for child & adolescent mental health.
All work completed @ Anthologie © 2018.

Photos + Video © 2018 Perth Childrens Hospital Foundation
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